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Everyone check out my new blog! LASERSTEAK.
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I just realized that my recent picture of Ryu is in a group's foot fetish collection... whut...
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Watch the trailer above!

Lookin' wayyyy goood. The designs are very, VERY impressive throughout (despite the mechanical/armor "techno-chic" aesthetics heavily lifted from GiTS, and the environs from Blade Runner). A large number of complaints have arisen, regarding the excessively muted (gold) color palette. While perhaps for ambiance, or to further liken the time to the renaissance, as in the original trailer. The gold or umber palette does bring that idea closer. However, it's becoming near parody for western FPS' to feature muted, bland looking colors. I still think it looks great none-the-less; though, it could've looked way more striking with some more bold color choices.

Whatchu guys think?
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Hey guys, seems I wasn't able to snag a table for Otakon in the usual fashion. Is anyone willing to share a table with me? If so, send me a PM! This would be a huge help! I'd def split the cost for the table if you got one. I need one pretty badly!
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Hey guys! One of my very few updates is here to letchu know that the "Final Fight: Double Impact" contest is coming to a close on the 8th (Monday). I was very fortunately selected as one of the top 5! AWESUMMM.

There is some voting to be done and there are 4 other very dope entries to check out. I say you do! Head to and (3rd Strike music plays) "make the best pick"! You guys got some tough selecting to do!
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I made it into the book! WRYYyyy!

I think this year, more so luckily than last. There appears to be quite a few entries posted on DA that just didn't make the cut, despite their superior quality to last year's works. I'm pretty excited!

My friends :iconreyyyyy: and :iconmilathemute: made it into the book again this year as well. :iconkandoken: didn't make it in; tho' his picture is pretty 'effin' sweet, go check it out!

'Grats to the other winners as well!…
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NONA REEVES is exploding.…
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Sup guys, s'been awhile since I've made any real posts; so I figured I'd letchu guys know I made it in Udon's Street Fighter Tribute book, which is coming out July 23rd of this year! SHOOP DA WOOP, CAN'T CONTROL MY LASER! I'm going to let you guys be suprised when it comes out then. You can expect the usual neon, cosmic colors that hurt your eyes. Tho' I can't letchu go without lettin' you know that there also will a couple of my friends in tha book:

:iconkandoken:, :iconreyyyyy:, and :iconmilathemute:

All of their entries equally primed to light your Hanes on fire. We'll be selling Icy Hot with the books, because your going to need 'em.
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Izzat time of the year and I'm going to be there. I'll be selling my art down at the Artist Alley, table H3. Pretty back of the bus, but you'll know where I'm at from my brilliant glow. I'd appreciate it if summo you guys pay me a visit and maybe pay me money. I'll be available for commissions too so hit me with your best request. If ya bring me some reference that'd make it so much easier and you guys wanna be nice ta me right? I mean I'd love to draw Mazenkaizer eating ice cream while fighting the entire cast of gym leaders from Pokemon Diamond, but I really just have a hard time remembering tha faces sometimes. I'd like enough money by the end of the con to buy me a space shuttle so I can fly it up your momma's ass hole. PLEASE HELP, YOU'LL THANK ME LATER.

P.S. I'm juvenile.
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Back with some news! Lemme hitcha with a lil'...

Give me a hollah and getta pic for the drop of yo' dollah
Eyes turn wide 'cuz it be so shinin'
Lookin' so good itt'uh lih fine dinnin'
Gimme yo' bread, I gotta stay fed
I got the hungah and I gotta get strongah
Bread bread bread bread Totoro.

-------Available media for commission: pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, marker, digital

What You Need (all prices are estimated, exceptions unmentioned)

A very rough drawing of your requested material.
simple: $20$ --- complex: $50$

Line Drawing
Mission complete.
simple: $50$ --- complex: $100$

Inked Drawing
A completed work finalized in ink.
simple: $70$ --- complex: $200$

B&W Rendering
A completed work, solid and forged with my graphite hammer.
simple: $100$ --- complex: $400$

Ink Wash
See your request come to life with the millenia aged flavor of Chinese tradition. Inked with the blood of Dragons and dried by the mountain winds.
simple: $150$ --- complex: $600$

Rendered Digital (B&W)
Good enough to hang next to a picture of your dead grandfather.
simple: $150$ --- complex: $400$

Colored Digital
Want your commission to look thugginist on tha' block? Ride on with a colored commission so dirty its deep fried. Comes with a side of cole slaw.
simple: $300$ --- complex: $1000$

If you have any requests or questions, send me a note. We'll work out payment options and discuss criteria. Commissions will be taken in order of priority (ie. MONEY) and a queue will be displayed on this page indicating the flow. The more scrillaz, the bigger your paddle and the better your flow. GO FOR BROKE!
I have finished my first work published work for sale! WOEooeoo! I may be something different than you would expect of me, but it is the world's first international collaborative doujinshi. A lot of words? Fine, all you need to worry about is weither if it is going to be good or not. The answer is an emphatic, maybe. It all depends on how much you like catgirls. Since I know you do, you will buy it, or I will have to resort to... begging you to buy it! It has 3 American Artists, and 3 Japanese artists who have succeded in kicking our asses. Oh - you may have won this time Japan, but we will have OUR VENGEANCE.

More information here.…

My entry was a 7 page action/comedy manga complete with: FULL COLOR IMAGES (OMFG?!), 2 ILLUSTRATIONS (CATGURLLL), AND CONCEPT ART (HOW DID I DOOD IT?!)!!!!!!!111
Hey all! I don't usually do journal entries but I thought this would be a good occasion to promote the site Akiba's Angels. I was featured on it recently and it is a great community for amateur manga artists to gather and post their works. The creator of the site seems to be striving to better unite American and Japanese doujinshi artists, which I think is a great idea since we both communicate within our own boundaries. Although it may be indirect commucation (as there is still a language barrier), you can read an interview with a pretty cool Japanese artist, Yuuki Sasahara's. His work aside my own and other American artists demonstrates the site's objective, to further relieve cross-cultural seperation.

Here is the site address!